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The Warp

The War (3)

The thousands of troops stationed at Berrington did not know what lay ahead. Unfortunately most of them were to die before they ever got to France. That was in the practice for the invasion of the Continent, a rehearsal held on the West Country beaches. The Germans had got to hear of it and attacked with U-Boats. The troops did not know what lay ahead. Neither did we.

My father knew, I think, that the price of offering armed resistance to the Germans once they’d occupied the country was death, for those who did it, and also for their families.

I wonder, if the Germans had come, whether my father would have lived all those years underground in woods and hideaways, sabotaging the Germans and eventually winning. Or early on would he have been flushed out, resulting in death for him and all those other brave resistance fighters. His death, and ours.

One thing is certain. If the Germans had landed it would have resulted in the death, not only of my father and of us, but also of civilisation, as we have known it, in Europe for many decades.


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