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The Warp

The War (2)

Subterranean hideouts, some very large, had been constructed by Christopher and other soldiers throughout the county. My father slept by day. By night he was busy setting up the armed resistance movement.

Of all the countries that the Germans planned to occupy, this country was unique in putting in place a full scale guerrilla operation before the Germans might arrive.

Night after night Christopher went out in camouflaged army lorries with two or three of his troops.

Now, years later, I have learned what he was up to. We had no idea then.

As the enemy line advanced, my father and the others in the armed resistance movement would disappear, into the secret underground billets and ammunition stores that they’d spent so long constructing.

The Germans had had their fleet of barges ready to bring their troops over. They had the internment camps ready in France to put all our young and not-so-young men inside, before they were taken further East to work in slave camps.

Our hiding place was already prepared in the cellar at Eye Manor with supplies of water, rusting tins of food and a complete edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.


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