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The Warp

Poor Cow: Shooting

Directing ‘Poor Cow’, Ken later claimed, ‘was a fairly nightmarish experience.’

With Up the Junction and Cathy Come Home, the team was Tony and me and the writer, Nell or Jeremy, for example.’ Poor Cow’, he felt, should have been made in the same way, but Joe Janni came along and said he could raise the money and get proper distribution and take care of everything. That meant there wasn’t a place for Tony, and I think the film suffered because of that. I think Tony would have been far more stringent about how it was made and what the content was.

Also, Joe brought in people from the film industry and Ken brought in people from television, and the two didn’t blend. The result was more or less two crews working side by side and not mixing.

The shoot overran by five or six weeks, mainly, Ken claims, because he ‘didn’t really know what he was doing’. So, he later commented, ‘it wasn’t a very happy experience and I think it shows in the film’.


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