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The Warp

Poem in white

the glass coach

there she is for the first time she is devastatingly


from the extreme top right hand corner of our window frame

we can see now

one magnificent moment which was however but a prelude

shining in the sunlight they swing left now

crowd of girl guides

ladies in waiting

yes there she is

hardly a breath of breeze now to flutter the union jacks

troops of stalwart life-guards

some waiting many hours now

this is the moment

flash of whiteness inside the coach


flash of flashbulbs

a most lovely figure

fanning out behind

in shadow and sunlight

it was wonderful to hear those cheers

more cheers

the Archbishop of Canterbury in a superb cope

it was wonderful to hear those cheers

diplomatic corps

queen’s scholars

special fanfare

special cheers

O eternal God!

These families of noble blood take their place

in what is the best of our island’s story

O this is a happy moment

O it’s worth any price to be here a superb moment superb

that was a most moving and touching moment

worth any price

O that was a most touching moment to see that glass

coach move away at a canter the four greys mounted

by men of the fifth they take with them as I am sure our

heartfelt wishes to see such ceremony

and such happiness worth any

we have listened to the service itself in silence and in sunlight


Croeso Cymru!

I know that Welsh people (many hundreds of thousands of them

present) all over the world

will join me in that loyal message

and she and he and she have left the coach

it is about to leave

and there will be yet more memorable moments in

this memorable day

low flung branches of the plane trees

now over to colleagues in the courtyard

yes this inner court has been almost an oasis

an oasis of silence amid the festivities

picture from an illuminated manuscript

ancient, stretching back through the ages

whole thing almost entirely overpowering for one who

has not seen it before in person himself

loyal messages

this was the moment

there were other moments

finally, she herself, and he and that other he

and she so overpowering

poem in white


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