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The Warp

Nell First Meeting

As I sat with Lucy on the sofa in Folly Bridge, she hearing me read the extracts I was learning from the Arcadia, Thomas burst into the room with two young women called Serena and Nell Dunn. Nell, I remember, had a dress of green and white striped stuff, cut low at her lovely neck. She seemed to me to bring into my apartment all the ardour and warmth with her of the life that would be mine after university.

I took her through into the little room, talking hard all the time, to show her my bed where it was built high above the bath.

On the way down the stairs, Nell later told me, she was asking Thomas about me and he said, ‘Oh, he’s no good to you Nell, and anyway he’s queer and he’s engaged.’ ‘And I thought that strange,’ Nell told me, ‘since you didn’t look the sort of person that would be engaged. But you did look very queer.’


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