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The Warp

My writing was

My writing was coming to be even more strongly influenced by the exotic world of my father’s books and I find it hard, at this distance, to distinguish my own work from my many translations from Latin and Greek;

‘And Pan, leaning against a knotty trunk, thus sang for the youthful satyrs and the grazing sheep, ‘Oh beware, beware the tender crowd of girls, for always there will be something to love in them, this one will take you with her bold audacity, this with her downward blush, this when she holds tight the prancing horse between white thighs, and this one when, in swimming, she drives forward the water between snowy breasts. Beware you who will keep your heart intact, for always there is some reason for loving them.’

‘And you young lads who are wanton, lascivious, clever in the wiles of love, do not forget the time when the dawn of manhood will come, your complexion will be lost and those locks shorn which cluster your shoulders. Then when you look in the mirror it will be too late for lascivious thoughts. Time will in due course make you quite hairy. Short lived like the fairness of the lily and the dew of the field, your flush will soon be gone.


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