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The Warp

King’s Road

There was a moment in the early sixties when all the lovely young sirens of Hammersmith, Battersea and Fulham were making that upwardly mobile journey east or north and ending up in the King’s Road, at that time probably the most fashionable and chic street in Britain. One of these told me ‘who knows, up on the King’s Road, you might end up in bed with a rock star or at least a minor peer or a roadie.’

Society was still very stratified but for the first time, as a result of, among others, the Beatles, style was being created from below, and there was something of a love affair going on between the privileged and the manual classes, with quite a number of getting-to-know-you sessions. The King’s Road, not a traditional style centre at all, was the location for some of this.

From Battersea, young women were making the journey north.

Nell and I were going in the opposite direction.


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