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The Warp

I did happen to notice

I did happen to notice

I did happen to notice

a man

yes that one you introduced me to

who turned his head away from me

didn’t seem to want to talk

and when it was time for bed

wasn’t it the same one who

went to sit just outside the door

so that we had to pass him as we

went through it

and he put a blanket over his head

and as we went through the door

sank down further

under the blanket

as I shut the door

he lay down outside across it

pulled the blanket entirely over him

I don’t like to mention this but

who was he please?

is he important

how long is he going to stay there?

will he be there all night?

You reply: O it’s just someone I never met.

And so now I leave your radiant bed

to return to a love that’s

less whole

through fear

I thought that you were heading

somewhere I couldn’t follow

now I know that

I should have followed

I fancied that you’d

travelled further

since I last saw you

into the psychedelic


than I could go

I should have been more reckless.

All that I really

can say is that

next morning

when we went

down to town

so you could pick up

your social security

and on to a caf

where with your new riches

you ordered mashed peas

and mashed potatoes

and gravy

all I could feel was

a desire to be

out by the sea

out on the shingle

where winds blow

and spray flings

and words

have not yet been


My last sight of you

astride one of the best most fiery of horses

leading a crowd of

sack-of-potatoes riders

across the blank moors

it was on a day when they said

rain would come at last

mist came across the hills

obliterated you

and all your riders


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