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The Warp

Here lies truth

Here Lies Truth

You lied through your teeth

and concealed it all beneath

mouth salve and

cosmetic toothpaste

and your eyes told me lies

so you disguised

them with eye shadow

and mascara

I came to trust your smile

for a while

those were good times

we lived in style

till the lies became so huge

that I just became your stooge

I couldn’t ignore the falsehoods

that you plastered over with rouge

and so now you’ve dabbed cosmetics

all over your face

your skin feels like cooking oil

but that’s no disgrace

and I know you’ve always been strange

always quite outside my range

but this deviousness properly dressed

isn’t too hard to digest

and I thought you’d managed to paste

over all your spiritual nits

till at breakfast I noticed something

that did rather give me the shits

that you’ve now broken out

in spots all over your tits


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