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The Warp

German Plans for Britain

I think people only suspected the exact situation then. The rounding up of all men between 17 and 47, the removal of most foodstuffs and machinery to support the effort of the German fighting troops – all this was planned for our country.

We didn’t know that they already had translated into English their orders to be stuck up on Town Halls. Other plans were kept secret.

Most Secret

Directive for Military Government in England

An essential condition for securing the labour of the country is that law and order should prevail. Law and order will therefore be established. Administrative measures will not violate international law unless the enemy has given cause for reprisals.

The main task of military government is to make full use of the country’s resources for the needs of fighting troops and requirements of the German war economy.

Armed insurgents of either sex will be dealt with with the utmost severity. If the population initiates active operations after the completed conquest of a locality, or in places behind the fighting front, the inhabitants involved in the fighting will be regarded as armed insurgents. When taking hostages, those persons should if possible be selected in whom the active enemy elements have an interest.

The able-bodied male population between the ages of 17 and 47 will be interned and dispatched to the Continent.


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