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The Warp

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

to Lucy

Forget me not – the words are trite

But life and love are real and true

Therefore I ask ‘remember me’

For always I’ll remember you.

Forget me not – never, never forget

The beauty that has been our own

The loveliness and ecastsy

Which we have lived and known.

Never forget Rose Island, decked

With roses at the water’s brink

By which we sat, and suddenly

You let a diamond sink.

A diamond – small fee enough

For that immortal afternoon –

First of so many sunlit days

As May stretched into June.

June to July; a boat-borne tree girt

Background for our love.

The muddy Thames flowed slow beneath

The willows waved above.

Never forget the lazy Thames

The ancient log, the smoke white mist

The moonlit night beside the door

When your white face I kissed.

The boscaged elm walk where I told

My love; the nitch of mouldering stone;

The willow seat where you and I

So often sat alone.

And later, by the chandalier,

We gazed and watched the dawn

Put out the moon and light the couples

Dancing on the lawn.

Never forget the autumn hills

The sodden haystack where we lay –

Your love – and the wild wind tossed

Your hair across the hay.

Neither our barefoot evening walk

Along the ice-cold moonlit sand –

The limpid pool, the tower-topped hill,

The pressure of your hand.

And then the night at Barnstaple

When dinnerless we lay to sleep;

Of which the memory through all

My life I’ll sacred keep.

Only forget the final scenes,

The love too strong to be endured

And care that would not let us sleep –

Heartsickness that could not be cured.

Forget me not – the words are old

But love and life are fresh and young

And I will always faithful be

With word of pen or tongue.

For you, best love of all my life

Gave me the greatest gifts of all

You gave me love and happiness

Such gifts will never pall.

Now as the snow begins to drop

And storm clouds tangle in the trees

I thank you from my deepest soul

For giving me yourself and these.


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