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The Warp

Flying Cherubs

Flying Cherubs

As a boy, I lay entranced beneath the flying cherubs on the ceiling of my bedroom in the William and Mary mansion where I grew up.

Through fringed lashes I glanced up at these before dipping once again into those last voluptuous moments of sleep, enjoying a slow progression of words through my consciousness. Exotic words, wonderful words, words miraculous and above all without meaning.

I believe now that they were the product of my subconscious awareness that I would one day decide to try to learn to write.

Other phenomena in the moments before waking, a clocking in to ‘eternal’ music and also phantasmagoric imagery, foretold, I believe, that I would also attempt to become the creator of art and music.

Fate was to decree that I became best known so far as the author of ‘Cathy Come Home’, a TV documentary drama that brought about changes in our treatment of homeless people, especially children.

My second epic drama, ‘Edna, the Inebriate Woman’, watered down and deprived of much of its power by a paranoid BBC, nonetheless altered perceptions of our single homeless, ‘tramps’ and ‘dossers’.

I led a wandering life as musician and artist, travelling to Ethiopia, Mexico, Turkey, and above all, Majorca, Ibiza, Formentera. Years were spent farming a smallholding in the Welsh mountains.

In this, the first volume of my memoires, I trace the paths that led me from the rarified arts and crafts life of Eye Manor to the point that I and the beautiful and talented Nell Dunn got married.

I believe we, the team who made ‘Cathy’, were offering to British television the chance of a dynamic, responsible and new way of serving its audience. They threw that chance away.


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