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The Warp

Fate of the desecrators

Fate of the Desecrators

And of stone circles

impossible to number

no one, say the country people thereabouts

was ever able to reckon their number

or even to draw pictures of them

some indeed tried but were struck dead upon the spot

or became afflicted with such fearful sores, blackheads and other problems

as soon carried them off.

Finally one John Wood numbered the stones

he had succeeded!

A stupendous cloudburst followed;

the stones were washed away!

How many?

who would care to reckon the number?

With cromlechs, much the same

some fools who sought to move them

experienced fierce storms of hail and wind

thunder, mysterious noises

and swarms of bees supposed

by those in the know

to be disguised fairies.

and at cottages, backing into the stones of Avebury

mysterious happenings are reported

though exactly what happened who can say?

something though – mysterious

who would care to reckon that mystery?

a stone was in

a farmer’s way in Shropshire

for years it stayed there

for he knew it was sacred;

at length moved it

and on the third night thereafter

he and his family heard strange noises

cattle bellowed, dogs howled

and a thunderous voice cried, clearly heard by all

Put back that stone!

some American airmen

moved a stone that marked a witch’s grave

upon which

cows stopped producing milk

hens no more laid eggs

a haystack fell over

animals went into the wrong fields

the church bell rang of its own accord!

a cromlech was being dismantled in Parc-Y-Bigwrn field

near Lanboidy

six horses were drawing the stones away when

suddenly the road was rent asunder

and at Banwan Bryddin an inscribed stone

pillar standing on a tumulous

was moved to form part

of Lady Macworth’s grotto, but

a hill fell on top of the expensive grotto!

and then an old man, long a gardener on the estate,

spoke these words;

Iss indeed, and woe will fall on the Cymro or the saison that will dare to clear the stones away.


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