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The Warp

Darklashed girl

To a Girlfriend Left Unvisited for a Year

Darklashed girl I bless you

now I remember you

as you were as I came from your bed

your face just caught with frost in the spring darkness

standing cloaked beside the flaking pillared doorway

waving as I drove off toward the dawn,

waving after me,

and I remember how I then

saw the skies ahead of me cool,

yellowing with the cold winter presunrise

you with a few snowflakes flitting down about you ...

I felt then how life is fleeting

and how things are only partly what they seem to be

or what one would desire that they should be.

and so for ten months I left you unvisited

thinking that my path lay in other beds ...

so now I return ...

and if, since that time,

your love for me is diminished

if passing time has taken from you some of that white innocence

which then you had

if now I am to pay the penalty

for my absence

with your withdrawal

with a grief beyond tears

I must remind myself

that it was my choice

my choice entirely

to fish in shallow waters when

I could have had the sea

and I’ll not cry.


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