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The Warp


The Contract

turning away from these more general considerations

of woman’s oppression

and the way we’re all degraded

by sexism

to the more particular

here’s something else that interests me.

you said

what do you think;

if a man and a woman should happen

to go to bed together

would that give either one any rights

over the other

except I mean the right to be

in bed with each other at that moment,

or touch each other up

or whatever?


no rights

why do you ask?

and what would you say to the question

if their going to bed with each other

led to consequences such as one or other

falling in love with the other

would either partner be justified in blaming the other

for those consequences?

mm ...

no ...


what if those consequences

were quite unforeseen

quite unforeseen by either party

and ended up entirely

different to what either

of them ever thought they would?

what would you say to that?

could either hold the other to blame?

such things have been known

but it wouldn’t be right!

would you still like to go to bed with me,

like you said on Tuesday?

oh yes


I said it too on Wednesday and Thursday!

you stretched out your hand

took mine

shook it gently once

went out to go to the loo

came back said

on those terms, I accept

next moment all hell heaven and high water broke loose.


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