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The Warp

Children of the dawn

Children of the Dawn

O you who go up into the high places to meditate

you who gather for celebration on Garway Hill or

Glastonbury Tor

you who live scattered in the hills round the monastery at


you who assemble for festival at Innis Boffin

or for the halucinatory mushroom festivals of the Black Mountains and Golden Valley

O George Trevellyan white-haired leader prophet for the

New Age

John Michelle saintly ley hunter and spacecraft jotter

sing now children of the dawn

and all of you who draw on new consciousness

O teachers sectarians cultists poets

mythologists, ecology freaks, spiritual hunters

O survivalists O self sufficient people

O you of innumerable counter cultural

consciousness changing, myriad techniques

you who so truly believe that a new Age has dawned ...

sing now children of the dawn

O tea heads and holy dealers

O Findhorn where roses the size of cabbages like beach balls

vegetation of great luxuriance grows on barren sand

tended with seaweed,

Enniscorthy Castle where O you followers of Isis worship

in your Temple to the Gods of Egypt

Regal Sid Rawle, Black Valley folk living in Wales in tipis

sing now children of the dawn

O Guru Mahara Ji O Meher Baba

and O Temple of Baba Oceanic

O all innumerable other Gods and Prophets

George King Rejneesh O Maharishi

O Glastonbury pilgrims you who are camped

in caravans tents ditches round

this ancient holy spot

O spirit of William Blake who knew it all before

Be with us now

children of the dawn


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