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The Warp

Carol White Showbiz in Britain

And why did Carol die? To what degree are we who were her friends or media colleagues responsible? Should we in any way hold up the world of British show business as responsible? To what extent should we blame alcohol, or Hollywood?

I suppose that any profession that picks people up out of obscurity and turns them into stars and gets them used to a high standard of living may be a dangerous profession to get involved with.

But I think the danger with some of our British film and media people is that although they preach the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind, they may themselves be cold fish. They preach the vision but they don’t live it. Although the media as a whole honour generosity and humanity in their products, there can, in the way they actually behave to each other, be quite a lack of the natural loyalty and humanity that one can hope for from fellow human beings in other walks of life, whether they be doctors or gravediggers, unemployed or bank clerks.

The remarkable verisimilitude achieved by some directors needs to be fed new faces. An over-exposed face like Carol’s is no longer needed. And so the result may be that a thespian in this situation finds that they have built in obsolescence; death or mayhem, and it’s important to remember that Binden, one of the three stars of ‘Poor Cow’ who was an ‘ordinary bloke’ till he got the part, also got accustomed to being a star and experiencing a high standard of living. He got in trouble when the film was over and there was no more limelight and he had to readjust downwards, and ended up in bankruptcy and prison. Whatever the merits of the system, and there are many, that too is also a part of it.


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