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The Warp

Carol White The Idea of the Star

The Idea of the Star

The sad thing perhaps is that this is a consumerist society where the producer’s position is

For many, fulfilment in life is seen, not in terms of what you can achieve in your own community and surroundings, but only if you can get out to where the toffs are. That was the age of the getaway people.

False gods, like the poor lass who dreamed of old of marrying the squire’s son or prince and becoming the princess. The modern equivalent is in seeing your salvation in showbiz, where the Madonna or Marilyn is, or is the modern equivalent of the olden days that something hasn’t really taken place till it’s been seen on television.

So television is a centralisation of experience. We can’t put bunkers in the streets of our towns till we get the OK from Westminster.

So if you get into the showbiz orbit, the arrival of a new boyfriend, new job, new baby, hasn’t really happened till it’s been seen on television.

It can be one role of the family to remind those of us in showbiz that those values are ephemeral and that beside the sober values of children, love, gardening, the sunset, what Hollywood has to offer is ephemeral.

Trouble is, when the father himself, prize fighter, music hall soft shoe shuffler, wants to put his daughter on stage and you’ve got the girl seeking the approval of a charismatic but violent Daddy and the Uncle touching you up on the side on the family sofa, you know, and ejaculating into his handkerchief ...

The effects of child molestation

You avoid the sexual attack by moving in first so that before she’s sixteen she’s already got the three stars, Peter Sellers, Richard Todd, Adam Faith.

Violent emotions at an early age.

Seek to recreate so you sexually inveigle someone before they can inveigle you and you throw a table at them before they throw one at you.

In terms of invasion of your space, if you fear your space will be invaded through sex or violence you invade first through making a pass or throwing something.


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