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The Warp

Carol Hollywood as Invader

Carol made a few more films in this country and then ran into a serious dilemma. Ken Russell had offered her a good serious part in ‘Women in Love’ and the sharks from

Hollywood in general and one shark, Irv Levin, in


particular, went flat out to get her and wined and dined her at the Dorchester, and so she got into bed with Irv and next morning as a present there was a lovely navy blue

Mercedes Benz 280SL with ten thousand pounds in cash in


the glove compartment parked outside. Irv offered her a further £70,000 to appear in ‘Daddy’s Gone A Hunting’ and Carol forgot about ‘Women in Love’ which is the film she actually should have appeared in.

Irv took her off for a week of sun and sex in a little Italian albergo, and it was one of the happiest times of her life, said Carol.

And then his wife objected and he had to go home and ‘Daddy’s Gone A Hunting’ was a flop and the car was snatched back because it turned out it wasn’t a present after all but just the loan of a company car.

Paul Burke, the star of Daddy’s Gone A Hunting’, Carol described as immorally good looking. She had a two year affair with him, even though he was a heavy drinker and addictive gambler. They split up and she had a fling with Frank Sinatra. She and Burke agreed to kiss and make up and agreed to spend the Christmas of 1971 together.

But Burke, by way of revenge, rang from a hotel in Las Vegas to say he wasn’t coming because he was in bed with a couple of beautiful hookers.


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