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The Warp

Carol White First Meeting

Afterwards, with hindsight, I sometimes think, ‘Oh, yes, of course I always wrote “Cathy Come Home” for Carol White,’ but the truth is she was always one of a number of possible stars. When the decision was made, we chose Carol partly because she had two children of her own who were ideal for playing her children in the film.

At that time Carol’s husband Mike was the more well known of the two of them. He was Mike King of the Singing King Brothers.

I had first met Carol at the cast party given to mark the end of the shooting of the television version of Nell’s book ‘Up the Junction’.

She had a sash round an accordion pleated light blue dress and I remember it had become untied and she asked me to retie it and I found my fingers were fumbling, and perhaps because of the closeness to me of this delightful woman, and I dropped it on the floor. She said, ‘Oh, never mind, it looks better without it.’ I said, ‘Less fussy, cleaner lines.’

These were the days when many men still wore ties at parties and she said, archly, ‘By the way, I observed you’re not wearing a tie, why don’t you wear my sash, it would do as a tie.’ So I put it on and often after that used to wear it.


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