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The Warp

Carol White The BBC

Because she has been nicknamed Auntie, people often think of the BBC as benign. But that is wrong. The BBC can’t walk away innocent from what happened to Carol.

It then was, and still is to a degree, an alienating experience to work for the BBC. Like all ancient institutions, the basic aim of the BBC is not to serve its audience or its workers, but to perpetuate itself.

As long as the name of the BBC is heard, so will the name of Carol White in ‘Cathy Come Home’ be linked with it, in one of its proudest productions. Yet the BBC did not pay for her funeral as it does for even relatively undistinguished programme schedulers who are part of its regular team.

So people like Mrs Dale of Mrs Dale’s Diary, Carol of Cathy Come Home, are left to die obscure deaths and there’s no-one to pay for a posh funeral.

It is the BBC elite who, with little or no idea themselves how to make films or radio programmes, and also the board of governors largely out of touch with the public they are meant to serve, who get them.


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