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The Warp

Car and Aeroplane

I was growing up. I wanted to make friends as I was lonely. I envied the children coming back from school in the village. I’d hover by the gate. They ignored me. I felt I must do something to impress them.

I launched a car made out of an old pram. It went fast down the hill, but I couldn’t stop it and it careered headlong at them! They scattered, shaking their fists at me. The project had had exactly the opposite effect to what I had intended.

I also experimented with aeroplane construction.

‘Come out into the garden after lunch, you’ll see something unusual!’ I told my parents one day.

Luckily, they were curious enough to ask me what this unusual something might be.

I explained that I had dismantled the car that I’d made from the pram and taken it up to the roof for reassembly, adding wooden wings with a ping-pong bat operated by two bits of string as a rudder. If they would be so good as to give me a shout when they got to the garden underneath, I told them, I would cruise down in it.

I thought it very unreasonable that they told me I must not do this.


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