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The Warp



How can I just a dish of peaches and cream

tangle locks and tiptoes, shoulders and toes

lead him to the subway where warm waters stream

take the lift down the mineshaft where the passion flower


clinging lovingly

wantonly urgently

wrap all his huskiness

in pink satin bows?

I just a girl with two slender arms

twine him enshrine him with me

bind him eglantine him to me

lingeringly longingly

foolishly fondlingly

drown him in dark oceans

bind him with charms?

How with just only two little tits

how can I be new to him

how get through to him

man that he is

how thrill him to bits

girl that I am

show him I’m not a sham?

How can I radiant in body and soul

how enough admire him

how stoke and fire him

sooner or late

take him for my mate?

Like the crunch of the apple in the mouth of the foal

all suncrushed and gleaming I’ll reach to my goal

and glowing and shining I’ll firm him and raise him

pouring cream over him

smother him in peaches

praise him cascade with him

in my radiance whole!


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