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The Warp

Appendix 2


The controversial film ‘Hilary and Jackie’, claimed to show the life and career of the cellist Jacqueline du Pré. In the journal ‘Inside Film’, Hilary, her sister, is thus quoted; ‘Anand [Tucker, the director] explained that some details would have to be altered to make it a watchable story. In spirit it’s there. But details differ, for instance, our two houses, in France and Ashmansworth, have been amalgamated into a cottage in Wales. The time-frame in reality was also different ... if they had gone through all [the] details the film would have been hours long. Anand did say ... he needed to combine, remove, replace things.’

Persuasive words. But what a loss it is to the serious viewer that at no point can one be sure that what one is watching is not an interpolated fake. ‘Amalgamated’ houses in France and Ashmansworth really are different to ‘cottages’ in Wales, for example.


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