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Hatfield Court


Nr Leominster



Without prejudice and subject to contract

January 2001

Copy: WGGB

From: Jeremy Sandford

Reactions to Documents headed ‘Subject: Video Agreement

forwarded to me by Dr Donald Kenrick

with his letter of 23 December 2000

Dear Donald

I’m most grateful to yourself and to the GCECWCR for the hard work you have clearly both been putting into seeking to find proposals which are fair and acceptable to both parties. I hope that the comments below will help in that process.

I have been re-reading the many kind things that Charlie says about me in ‘Rokkering to the Gorjios’ and am much looking forward to the renewal of our friendship.

Just as all our agreements flowed smoothly during the years when we were in friendly contact, I am sure they will again, and my door remains open to resumption of Charlie and my friendship which, I feel, would quickly lead to the resolution of this dispute.

Here are my comments;

1. Agreed.

This suggestion involves the GCECWCR keeping back £1,000 from the money given by our sponsors to make the film. I am prepared to make this gesture of goodwill, but do not think that the GCECWCR should ask for too many other concessions as well as this as I feel it is very generous to the GCECWCR and very amply pays for any possible misunderstandings there may have been. If, however, the GCECWCR wants many other concessions, they should pay the money owed in full.

2. Agreed.

I am happy to send a further 25 copies but, since so much of the film is still not paid for, feel this to be a generous gesture and hope the GCECWCR will not ask for too many other concessions.

3. Not agreed.

I think it essential for all of our sakes that we operate price maintenance as already stipulated in writing by George Wilson in November 1999. One reason for this is there appear to have been attempts by persons unknown to corner the market with sub-standard cheap copies. I suggest £15 retail, which arrives us at £10 wholesale, but I am open to suggestions.

4. Agreed.

But, in view of possible legal action by National Gypsy Council, I suggest we should put the full title of GCECWCR and agree on the exact words. I request that my postcode is also included, namely HR6 0SD.

5. (a) In view of the £1,000 plus concession to the GCECWCR represented by (1), I do not feel it to be appropriate that they should receive a joint share of copyright. I believe that the concessions in (1) and (2) are already very generous.

(b) It is particularly important that the rights of Morality, Integrity and Paternity in the film should remain with Jeremy Sandford.

(c) Copyright in the poems and songs must remain the property of the poet and singers, as already agreed, unless otherwise stated on the sleeve, otherwise we would be open to claims of breach of copyright.

(d) I suggest that liability for any copyright claims should be shared jointly between Jeremy Sandford and the GCECWCR.

(e) It appears to me that the fairest way of ensuring that the GCECWCR gets some financial gain, in return for their sponsorship, and that Jeremy Sandford could look forward ultimately to recouping a reasonable proportion of the money expended in making the film, is for Jeremy to make copies available to GCECWCR at wholesale price and GCECWCR to sell on at retail price, thus ensuring net profit to each party of about £5 per unit.

(f) Agree to sharing of revenue from sale (except individual videos). Please send details of TV showing as seen by Rachel Morris and I will chase them up. We certainly should be paid for this showing. I am happy to agree to this general principle subject to being clear as to how we are going to inform each other of such sales; sending each other our audited accounts? And who will negotiate? Where? No other revenue has been received for the film since its production (only bills) apart from sales of individual videos.

(g) Agreed. I am delighted to see the proposal to share/negotiate. As far as I’m concerned, the sooner such friendly negotiation takes place, the better. As you know, my priority for more than a year has been for a speedy return to negotiation and goodwill. May I have details of how GCECWCR suggests this negotiation should take place and between who?

(h) I have been reading again the many kind things Charlie says about me in his preface to ‘Rokkering to the Gorjios’ and am much looking forward to the resumption of a friendship with him which to me was very valuable.

(i) I would, in fact, be happy to agree to sharing all the income from individual sales as well from now on.

6. Agreed to vetting by WGGB.

7. Details of receipts/payments: Agreed or acceptable. However, both I and Hatfield Court Studios are far below the tax threshold and therefore should not be charged for tax.

8. As you know, I wish it to be my primary condition of contract that I retain my membership of the GCECWCR and that it is agreed that goodwill is restored between us.

9. I suggest six monthly meetings to discuss promotion and marketing.


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