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Hatfield Court


Nr Leominster



(Amplified version of my previous letter sent 14 January 2002)

George Wilson

The Gypsy Council (GCECWCR)

8 Hall Road



Essex RM5 4HD

Dear George

Spirit of the Gypsies

A note to say how incredibly pleased I am that we’ve at last got the signed agreement (as dated by you 31.05.01).

After all those sad events, we’ve at last got something specific to go on, and we can all adhere to. I’m sure you’ll match from your end my intention to follow it scrupulously and to the letter.

As that agreement is now six months old, may we now move swiftly? Do you agree that the first move must be to appoint the ‘independent party’ whose job is to ‘oversee’ the ‘agreement’ as per clause no.8? With that person’s help, we can then move on to working out the nuts and bolts of how we honour the agreement in practice? (I’m particularly interested in establishing how the negotiations stipulated in the agreement will actually take place.)

If you do agree, would you care to suggest some nominations?

May I suggest the following ‘independent parties’, but it must of course be someone you too are happy with.

Thomas Daffern of the International Institute for Conflict Resolution

Franqui Wolff or A.N. Other from Friends and Families of Travellers



As concerns clause no.7, it states that sales of copies of the video are to be excluded from the ‘jointly shared/negotiated’ provision.

It has been pointed out to me that since we are both copyright holders, we should now establish, as soon as possible, how we would propose that these sales (or gifts) (of copies of the video) should be ‘shared/negotiated’ or otherwise dealt with by us.

May I have your views as soon as possible?

Possibly a simple letter outlining what you propose, which we can both sign, would be the best way of dealing with this?

Do let’s meet, if you’d prefer this, rather than communicate in writing.

This comes with warm wishes to yourself and Charlie.

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