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Producer : The Gypsy Council

Director : Jeremy Sandford in association with the Gypsy Council

The Gypsy Council : 01708 868968

Jeremy Sandford : 01586 760333

Preproduction - 1 week - Autumn 1997

Meeting for preliminary discussion of aims, preparation of rough script outline, mutual briefing and information sharing; Gypsy Council three person task force and Jeremy Sandford.

Time; (one day [8 hours] x 4 = 32 hours + travel time (4 hours average [there and back] x 4 = 16 hours) Total time; 48 hours

Time cost estimated @ £4 per hour = [PARTNERSHIP/DONATION] £192

Travel costs (424 miles @ 20p per mile) = £84

Jeremy Sandford’s time for;

Location of artistes and songs, Transcription of some songs, Recce of locations, Rehearsal with artistes, Preparation of shooting script.

One week (spread over a period of six weeks) at (much below the average national wage) £250


Typing, postage, admin £30

Meals away from home @ average £3 per trip (x9) £27

Travel costs; 400 miles round trips (44 average x 9 @ 20p per mile) £79

Contingency £100

Preproduction total: £762

of which, paid by PARTNERSHIP/DONATION £192

Leaving: £570

Filming - 2 weeks - Autumn ‘97 / Spring ‘98

Charlie Smith re consultation and advice and appearance in the film;

2 days @ £75 per day £150

Other Romany artiste’s fees (Gypsy singers, semi-professional and

professional, and other Romany musicians) £50 per day x 5 £250

Location hire where necessary, average £47 per location x 5 £235

Composer(s) of songs and copyright holders of other songs which are

in copyright £250

Video 8 Pro Camera @ £150 per week x 2 [DONATION] £300

Camera persons, sound operators [DONATION/PARTNERSHIP] £200

Note: For much of our shoot the camera will be operated by Jeremy

Sandford and sound recording undertaken on a participatory basis by

those involved, SERVICE DONATED FREE. For especially

complicated shoots, however, we will be employing professional

camera persons/sound recordists on an EXPENSES ONLY basis.

Equipment hire; lights, tape recorder, tripod £100

Video cassettes for camera and editing £50

Replacement batteries for camera @ £48 x 2 (for use on shoots where

electricity not available) £96

Travel (production team and artistes) using own cars and public transport

14 journeys average 70 miles @ 20p per mile £196

Meals (production team and artistes) when away from home @ £4 x 40 £160

Note: Average meal price more since we’ll wish to express our gratitude

to our Romany artistes.

Typing, postage, telephone admin during this period £30

Jeremy Sandford’s time @ £250 per week x 2 £500

Thank-yous to those who have especially helped (£9 x 10) £90

Note: Many will also be given free copies of the cassette.

Contingency £100

Filming total: £2,707

of which paid for in kind or through PARTNERSHIP FUNDING £500

Leaving Total £2,207

Editing - Spring/Summer ‘98

Charlie Smith consultation and advice £75

Jeremy Sandford’s time @ £250 per week x 2 £500

Editing suite @ £150 per week x 2 £300

Travel using own cars and public transport (Jeremy, production team,

artistes for post synch and for consultation with Gypsy Council)

15 journeys, average 40 miles @ 20p per mile £120

Typing, postage, telephone admin during this period £30

Meals when away from home @ £3 per trip x 15 £45

Contingency £50

Editing Total: £1,120

Post-production & Promotion (Winter ‘98)

Copying of video cassette, first edition of 200 @ £2 per unit £400

Cassette sleeve inlay @ 30p per unit x 200 £60

Flyer to double as press release £100

Titling and credits £100

Jeremy Sandford’s time (1 week) £250

Launch party [Paid through PARTNERSHIP support] £100

Travel, 8 journeys, average 40 miles @ 20p per mile £64

Telephone, postage, stationery during this period £30

Postage of cassettes £100

Post-production/Promotion Total £1,204

of which paid through PARTNERSHIP FUNDING/DONATION £100

Leaving Total £1,104


Before subtracting After subtracting

Partnership/Donations these

Pre-Production £762 £570

Filming £2707 £2207

Editing £1120 £1120

Post Production & Promotion £1204 £1104

Total before subtracting Donations and Partnership Support £5,793

Total after these subtracted £5,000

To be paid for as follows:

Arts 4 Everyone £5,000

Donations and Partnership Funding £793

Total: £5,793


(1) There may be further contributions in kind. For example, Jeremy is actually likely to have to give more weeks of his time free of charge.

(2) We are confident that we can make a good video film at this price. However, we are aware that it is a tight budget and therefore we’ll be looking for other sources of partnership money (i.e. beyond those already obtained) in case, for example, we may decide to bring the film to an even higher standard of excellence by, for example, more post synching than was originally planned.

(3) Ownership of the master tape and of copyright and all rights asserted by Jeremy Sandford. Once all expenses have been paid profits from the film will be shared (but, in accordance with undertakings given to our donors, devoted to Romany Gypsy cultural events or artefacts) jointly 50/50 by Jeremy Sandford and the Gypsy Council.

(4) Distribution of first edition of 200 video cassettes;

100 to Gypsy Council

100 to Jeremy Sandford

From these allocations, about 30 from each side will go free for educational / promotional purposes or as a thankyou / in lieu of royalties to artistes and those who have been particularly helpful in the creation of this film.


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