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Bits omitted from Sid Rawle

Like some other larger than life characters, especially those whose rôle has been political in the broader sense of the word, he has won adulation as a leader but also demonisation by a proportion of those who once followed him. Arriving at adulthood in the sixties, it is now felt by some that he still carries too much of the fashionable baggage of those times with him and in an age of consensus decision making still seeks the status of cult leader and guru.

His condemnation of cannabis and carnivore habits have disturbed others. Others again feel that the enthusiastic breaking down of what were then perceived as the shackles of sexual taboos, including boundaries of age, sex, or style which were such a feature of the sixties, were in Sid’s case characterised by a fervour which, though not unusual then, became inappropriate when carried on into the time of vastly different sexual mores of the 80s and 90s, and that Sid, although still admired by many, was not sufficiently able to change, or change enough, in these areas.

Speaking very frankly of all of this and while defending his actions in many cases and roundly condemning his critics, there are areas in which the present day mature Sid feels he has erred and strayed into actions which he now regrets.

The great man’s confession of mistakes, and what amounts to his first public confession and apology, gives to his book an added poignancy and resonance.

What is the vision of Albion? It is a vision of one world united in love, a vision of unity in diversity. Not the same chant every day. Not everyone finding the same cure for the same ills. But a vision of all people uniting in love and respect for one another.

We have to find out how all us individuals in the world can have enough space to live in love and harmony, enough to be self-sufficient and be ourselves, and how to give everyone else this space. That is the vision of Albion, that is the vision of the Rainbow people.

It is the Rainbow vision because the rainbow is the symbol of God's promise. And it is the vision of Albion because there is a sneaking feeling amongst some of us that it is from these islands, the islands that make up Albion, that change will come. So many of the white man's dreadful fuckups in the world originated here. It is from these islands that peace and harmony must come.

Because although we've given the world so many of its institutions and a common language to communicate to each other in, we've lost our own real ancient roots. We don't know who built our stone circles, how they did it, how they loved, what their economic system was, what their religion was, all this we're ignorant of.

All over the world there are other peoples who do remember what their roots are, people who are still in touch with their tribal history. What lies deep in their systems must also lie deep within our system. We have to learn to find it again.

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