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The Vision of Albion

From time to time in my life I've had very powerful dreams; I call them 'vision dreams'.

In one dream, I was living with a tribe on a small island. It was very exposed, choppy seas and sharp cliffs, and we lived in primitive tipis, their poles very rough and covered in sealskins. The furnishings and possessions all were very rough as well, and we were hunting in the sea in kayaks.

This dream had so strong an effect on me that I made myself quite an expert on small islands, and their cultures, because I had this feeling that one day I would be going off to live on a small island; maybe this would be my escape from Armageddon. And I have told how one day, with forty or fifty other people, I did, to John Lennon's Island. We were able to discover through this a little bit of our own tribal roots.

Britain is still a very strong influence on the world, the centre of an axis that has Europe on the one hand and America on the other. We are also in the middle of the white man's karma and the white man still thinks he dominates the world. In terms of economics we still do, though there are a few shocks coming in that direction.

Russia was, and America is, a vast empire, mainly on land taken from other people. So neither Russia nor America can of themselves give the world a real vision because they'd have to make such fundamental changes in their structures.

Here in Britain the white man has a real bedrock. We've been here a very long time. It's our ancestors who were here. That's one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is, I believe, to realise that hundreds and thousands are in these times and in these islands reincarnating in from different tribes and times in order to make that vision of Albion a reality and therefore have an effect upon the world.

I don't think we've yet got any clear idea of who our remote ancestors were and how they lived or even what they thought of the earth they found themselves on. And because they came before the Celts, we're apt to believe that they must have been less developed that the Celts. But that may not be true. The people that put together the stupendous prehistoric landmarks that are still around could not have been inferior people.

Standing on the White Horse at Westbury the other day I noticed a huge natural amphitheatre, and a carefully worked mound where you can imagine the tribal council sitting. They call it a 'Celtic Hill Fort' but actually I sensed it was much older than that. Here was where the old ceremonies of earlier peoples took place, here was their dance floor for ceremonial dancing and here the platform for air ceremonies.

In Cornwall recently, I was taken up a Beacon Hill just off Land's End. Intuitively I felt that this was a fire platform, for fire ceremonies, very highly evolved. Not for the burning of people in baskets. That happened when society had fallen to pieces. These highly evolved fire ceremonies of our remote ancestors sent people home completely fulfilled and enthralled.

Just across from that was another 'Celtic Hill Fort'; it was clear to me that it had, before that, been another air platform. Nearby was a place that was undoubtedly for celebrating the water and another for celebrating the moon.

I think these people actually landscaped our country, on a vast scale. They were doing it millenia before television was invented. They didn't need television. They were having a wonderful time without even thinking about it.

We have to reclaim or rediscover some of their ancient wisdom; the wisdom of ancient Albion.


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