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The Peace Convoy

Sid invents the Peace Convoy

(A brief extract from Chapter 9)

Nowadays the vehicles in which the so called ‘New Age Travellers’ live and move around are fairly sound. They may need running repairs all the time but they are actually quite efficient vehicles. In those far off days of great poverty the vehicles were a lot rougher. They used to keep breaking down.

There were far fewer vehicles. My yellow GPO van at the moment houses and carries just me. Back in those days I'd be carrying the poles and canvas for six or seven homes, plus the occupants of those homes, plus the goats and the dogs.

Because our vehicles were breaking down so often it made sense to me for all of us to travel together, so that there would always be a mechanic on hand in case of trouble. And so, in 1976, we set off from Andrew's farm in what was probably the first ever convoy. It wasn't called a convoy then. But my tipi and various other tipis were on top of my van, and there were about ten vehicles and it was all the tipis travelling together around the country looking for a home, and other people who were travelling from festival to festival, travelling with us.


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