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I Love You Forever,

Forever I Love You.

The more love flows

The more love grows

Poised midway

Between flat on your back

And flat on your face

I am Perfect

In my own light

Breeze nips my silhouette

Fresh air my nostrils

Warm sun fills me up

Life force full on.

The crystal sits upon my window sill

Soaking up the light

When I feel low I hold it close

And it fills my heart with light.


This planet lies a little dormant

Like a shy child

With hidden talents

Potential we know is there

But are waiting to reveal.

Prayer for Godhead

I don’t meddle with its power

I just trust my process.


The strange old lady

Walks through the city

In her hand a lettuce

And a picture book of flowers

She carries them with her

They refresh me” she says.


Shadows in the tent

Which shadow is the actor?

Which the audience?

Really who’s the actor

Who’s the audience

What is reality?


Another spot upon my chin

It means that something’s wrong within

Now a few more upon my back

Should I give something up?

Is there something that I lack?


When all the world is fresh and new, bedecked with snow

When all the pathways and roads we normally travel on

Are just a clean and white and bright new space

We can start afresh and build a new world for a day or two

On the virgin snow

New pathways to familiar places.


We all sup from the same cup

Life is for sharing

All people need caring.


If you have a good spirit

You have a good spirit

And that spirit touches everybody’s heart

Even the hardest heart eventually.

Glistening cobwebs

Floating on the winds of change

Freeing the dawn of spring.

Girl in a field of corn

Ripely growing to maturity

Rich green trees

Water flowing

Trust green places.

My body is unfolding

Like a flower into summer

A scar



I have a sign around my neck

Written in my concentration

Present here and now

And definitely not available.


The trees have a thousand diamonds

And water gushes out of rocks.


Keep the fire in steady

No raging flames

No dying embers

Feel the warmth of it.


Today the headlines

And the small print


Sweden intends to ban war toys

Buy yourself a star and have it named after you

All things pass


I ask that I may see

The pathway that is meant for me

To try but not too hard

To find the middle way

To be in harmony.

Fear is like a block of stone

To the sculptor


It’s all a question of transcendence

Over the animal part of ourselves

When we consume more than we need

We are adding causes to war.


When I read about it in comics

I thought it had to be

But then I heard it suggested

That we could do without it

That it needn’t be.

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