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Minky Pinky Peach

Story Line

Peach (16) has been persuaded by her Rastafarian boyfriend Gish (23) to work on the streets of Cardiff as a prostitute. The money she earns will, he explains, enable them to be upwardly mobile.

Peach receives instruction from her friend Roxanne, and from Gish himself, in how to do hand jobs. She tries it out on a few clients, but does not wish to go on to do ‘blow jobs’ or ‘go the whole way’. Off duty, Peach and Gish often meet in a music bar run by Fifi, an outrageously brittle and funny transvestite.

Peach is still at school but now decides to leave as she has only a few weeks to go. She also tries to get a number of jobs through the YTS but these don’t work out, in one case, in a station buffet, because she’s wrongly accused of thieving, and another time when, dressed as a rabbit in a bunnyburger promotion, she frightens the children.

We see the story through Peach’s eyes as Gish, a small time dealer in cannabis, is recruited by Fisher, a yuppie criminal (32), to work for him. Fisher tells Gish that in his employment Gish will earn a lot of money, but he must not fuck up. Even one fuckup will be followed by retribution. The consequences of a second fuckup will be terrible and that goes for any of Fisher’s employees or associates. That’s the way he does business.

Since our audience are following this story through Peach’s perceptions they, like her, may not always pick up exactly what is happening, or won’t be able to work it out till they think about it later. In fact, long before the promised riches materialise, Gish commits his first fuckup; when he happens to see Fisher being cornered and beaten up. Gish does not go to Fisher’s help but instead fades into the background, thinking that Fisher has not seen him. The reverse is the case and as a result Gish is himself severely beaten up; (though it is possible that the people who beat him up are in fact not Fisher’s agents but former associates of Gish’s who resent the fact that Fisher’s operation is taking over a share of the market).

Whoever it is that has beaten up Gish, he is nursed to recovery by Peach and it is then that Fisher offers him a second chance.

Peach and Gish are in Amsterdam and Peach is giving Gish a few problems by taking the initiative in dancing in a club, and later in bed. They are to deliver a van back to Cardiff and Peach recklessly takes the wheel although she doesn’t really know how to drive.

There is of course a hidden scenario to this visit which Gish knows and Peach doesn’t. As an announcement on the ferry tannoy asks drivers to return to their cars, Gish invents an excuse and says Peach must drive the van off the boat while he leaves as a pedestrian.

Peach goes down to the car deck but is unable to start the van. Smoke pours from the bonnet and she panics, leaving the boat, as Gish did, as a pedestrian. She hitchhikes home and we hear on the driver’s radio, while she’s asleep, that customs officers have made a major drugs haul from a burning van on a cross channel ferry.

So it is that a major second fuckup has occurred. Peach compounds this second fuckup. She’s angry with Gish and, when 24 hours have passed and he still hasn’t reappeared, she spends the rest of the expenses money for the trip, which Gish has entrusted to her, on a present for her father.

While hanging out in Fifi’s club, Peach then hears that Gish is back but unable to go home because he’s in trouble about the missing money and the van. Peach immediately resolves to pay the money back and, believing their combined value to be about £500, is preparing to earn it in the usual way.

She then learns that, as the result of a new ‘get tough’ policy, the streets have been cleared of prostitutes and that the police are taking in any woman ‘not able to give a good account of herself’.

Roxanne, her friend, comes to her help by producing clients who will provide the £500, but only if she is prepared to do what she has always dreaded - ‘go the whole way’. Through one painful and agonising night, Peach does what she has to do and earns the £500.

Meanwhile, off and on through our story, Peach, who has been becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her current lifestyle, has been searching for her mother who abandoned her when she was seven. Now, at last, she finds her. Desiray is the caretaker of an abandoned theme park and invites Peach to move in with her.

Peach thanks her mother and says she will, but not tonight. This is because she has a rendezvous with Gish at which she plans to pay him back the £500.

Peach arrives for the rendezvous with Gish, not realising the dangerous situation she is walking into. For Fisher has also heard of the rendezvous. With two heavies and Fifi, he arrives at the rendezvous and demands that Gish gives him what he owes him.

Not really taking it in that she has been betrayed, Peach announces that it is alright, she has got the money, or at any rate most of it. Anything further owing she’s prepared to earn. She produces the carrier bag with money in it, which she contemptuously tosses to Fisher who hands it to Fifi. Fifi starts to count the money.

Then, tossing the money on the floor, Fifi begins to tear off her woman’s garments, slowly revealing the hairy chested wiry man that is underneath them. As this rigmarole is in progress, Fisher (or Fifi) asks; ‘Just how much do you reckon you owe me?’ ‘Five hundred pounds,’ says Peach. ‘That’s what I reckon. That old van can’t have been worth much more than that.’

Fifi, finishing her transformation into a wiry hairy-chested man, says; ‘That vehicle you abandoned, don’t worry your pretty little head about what it was worth, oh fresh fleshed one. All you need to know is that it contained goods whose street value was twenty five thousand pounds.’

Peach is stunned as Fisher asks; ‘Would you be so good as to tell us how you plan to pay us that back, darling?’ Gish says; ‘She’ll pay. It was her that lost it. Two years work, that’s all it will take. She’ll pay you, every penny!’

Roxanne, who is also there, adds; ‘Yes, it won’t be hard, Peach. So long as you go on going all the way.’

Fifi says; ‘I think we need it now Gish.’ He approaches Gish. Gish wields a Stanley knife. Fifi reaches, takes the blade and threatens Gish with it. Peach tries to intervene to save Gish and herself is wounded.

Despite this brave act on Peach’s part, Gish now betrays her, pointing out it was her who lost the money and the package.

Gish betrays Peach again by shouting; ‘It was she that fucked up, not me! It was she that lost it!’ Fifi says; ‘Maybe then she should take the message, what do you think, Fisher?’

Fisher pauses a moment and then takes the knife from Fifi and with it advances on Peach. Gish says; ‘I won’t fuck up, Fisher. No more!’ He holds Peach as Fifi approaches.

Gish’s face is opposite Peach’s as he secures her ready for Fisher. He looks in her eyes and she looks back in a glance that recalls all those times of love-making, but with the eyes no longer of love but of absolute terror.

Peach knees him in the balls and we see him double up as she jumps back and quite expertly with her rump smashing the window and she is outside on a broken glass-topped wall, then she’s out in the street. But she is wounded.

We see the others piling down the staircase behind her. On the streets, Peach is limping, limping, holding her hands over her wounds. Later, in the outskirts of town, she is still limping. But now she gives us a wink. She’s free of all that, of Gish, Fisher, Fifi, as with a slight smile she walks towards the future.


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