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Film Treatment; 3rd Draft of Storyline

Interim Version

Working title:

Cardiff Night


Michelle’s Story

Jeremy - Some Notes - October 1995

I’ve come to feel that the previous (September) draft was really two films:

1. Circumstances leading to a young girl becoming a prostitute.

2. Events in the life of a young woman involved in prostitution lead to a

terrible tragedy.

Philippa feels that Michelle’s attempts at non-prostitution jobs are important and I’m not so sure, but in this version I’ve tried to counterpoint the two so there is a more powerful narrative thrust, while keeping Michelle’s ‘other jobs’ in.

Myself, I still find Michelle’s other jobs and most of her family life fairly boring once she arrives at the threshold of prostitution. I find it gets very fascinating from then on.

One point may be that the non-prostitution jobs, though typical and also typically boring, are all a bit deja vu (the Bunnyburger is an exception here). Given the character of Michelle, could we devise more unusual jobs for her to go for which would also liven up the film.

The drugs content will occupy a larger proportion of the film as we get to know more about it, and the story of Gish and drug dealing will be second only in importance to the story of Michelle herself.

The storyline is a record of our work in progress and is designed for us for that purpose, not to be shown to other folk. It is also an interim product, to be shifted on again once I get the new clean copy to work on.

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