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Yoke Farm Meadow

Arts and Idealism Project

Music and celebration from folk living in traditional Herefordshire orchards and other idyllic locations, in Herefordshire.

The scores of folk living in Robert Grayburn’s orchard at Yoke Farm near Leominster and in many other Herefordshire locations in a series of caravans, tipis, bender tents, horse drawn wagons and one replica iron age round house feel that they have created something special.

Like many communities who differ markedly from the mainstream, they find the need to celebrate their community and what it stands for both in music and song and in other art forms - sculptures of woven willow or clay and foliage or massive iron work, jewellery, painted glass, puppets, esoteric gardens, and a ‘travelling garden’, a giant chess set, unusual ‘New Age’ music.

Their best art form of all is the beauty they give to the construction of many of their dwellings, the woven timbers of their bender tents, the artwork and intricate woodwork of their converted lorries and caravans, the beauty of their iron age house reconstruction.

Now the Yoke Farm Arts Project wants to celebrate all this in four ways.

1) To commision new songs and music works and other artforms such as, perhaps, a quilt representing all their activities, and also paintings, poems, songs.

2) To hold a carnival and open day to which the local community will be invited.

3) Possibly setting up permanent sculpture walks, open to the public.

4) To celebrate their community on a video cassette which will be an art form in itself and will also record the day to day life at Yoke Farm, around which the songs will be woven. It will be for sale to all encampments of such idealists at cost and further afield at suitable local outlets (shops, craft fairs) and also at well known hippy venues such as the Glastonbury Festival and other festivals.

People Involved

Fire eaters, acrobats, fireshow: Finn, Tara, Julie Harris

Earth and tree and wild sculptures: Brenda

Jewellery: Debbie

Ironwork: Jason and Tai

Painted glass and bottles: Grace

Didgeridoos: Edwin

Travelling and esoteric garden and various crafts: Cal

Puppets: Guy and Maggie

Giant chess set: George

Wood sculpture: James


Celtic Round House

Covered Wagon

Converted Lorry

Bender Tents

Underground House


The Golden Moon café provides a huge space for arts activities in its substantial (60 ft x 100 ft) tent. It is run by Yoke Farm residents.


Tipi Jean, composer of chants and songs

Philippa Sophia, composer of songs

Arahan, fiddle

Felix, fiddle

Adrian, blues harmonica

Project Core Group




Robert Grayburn

Jeremy Sandford

Can we afford payment for individuals? Time spent in making the artworks? Probably not.

Payment for professional teachers time, so that a professional (Goffee the Clown?) might be paid to help get the carnival together and design the costumes? Probably yes.

Jeremy will count as one of the professionals, to be paid for advice on how to use the camera and for masterminding the editing, which will take four weeks.

Debbie, as administrator, also to be paid.

The project will foster participating activities in that as many people as wish to will be involved in each of them.

In order not to get too bogged down in discussion, though, one person will have the job of actually focalising various activities (i.e. Debbie - Carnival; Jeremy - the video, how to use the camera and how to edit; Goffee - the Carnival?)

A strong incentive to community arts in Herefordshire

The choosing of a date for the Carnival will of itself be a great incentive for all the artists and musicians to get busy, plus the idea that they can sell some of their produce there, plus that it will be recorded on video.

We will further make it happen by spending the grant money as follows;

Materials for art projects to be used in the celebration, i.e. artists materials (e.g. wood, paint), video film, hire of video camera, materials for the creation of costumes for the grand carnival, payment for hire of Golden Moon tent? Payment for four weeks editing at Rural Media Company. Payment for copying the cassette. Payment for reproducing artwork for the cover.

As a rough guideline; that anyone in a teaching or administrative position would get paid for their time.

We probably could not pay the actual artistic producers or actors in the carnival / drama for their time.

BUT we might pay for specific commissions, i.e. specific sculpture or songs.

Incredibly approximate ideas for budget

Artists materials including film, video £500

Debbie administrator

5 weeks @ £200 per week £1000

Jeremy, matters to do with focalising, filming and editing

5 weeks @ £200 per week £1000

Hire of camera

5 weeks @ £100 per week £500

Other administration, Holly and George

2 weeks each @ £100 per week £400

Copying of video master

500 copies @ £2 each £1000

Travel, 1000 miles @ 20p per mile £200

Phone calls £200

Editing suite

4 weeks @ £250 per week £1000

Copying artwork for video sleeve, 500 x £1 £500

Food and wine for Press Promotion party £100

Typing and copying Press Release £50


We will not be telling them this, but we will in fact be making use of a number of things we already have, i.e. the professional camera owned by Jeremy, many sequences of Yoke Farm shot by Jeremy and some existing songs and music by Philippa and Tipi Jean.


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