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Return to Mother Earth

in Herefordshire, a Celebration

Three years ago, 36 families of ‘New Age Hippies’ and ‘Green Idealists’ moved into an orchard in rural Herefordshire.

Their homes were bender tents, horsedrawn caravans, modern trailers, a tipi, a tree house, Celtic roundhouse and underground house.

Their aim, with the blessing of Robert Grayburn, the landowner, was to create a life greener, more ecologically sound, and more fulfilling than that they felt was available in the dwellings made of concrete or bricks and mortar.

Two years ago, in a planning appeal, they gained the support of the Department of the Environment for their project.

Now, aware that their relationship with their house dwelling neighbours is not as good as they would wish it, they have set up an ‘arts and enhancement committee’. They plan a sculpture walk passing by huge wicker women, upended car sized monoliths, sylvan bowers, and a vast ‘sky galleon’ caught in the branches of a tree - and a film.

The idea for this video film, made for and in collaboration with the arts committee, came from a small amount of footage originally shot to impress the D.o.E. inspector.

It is a poetic and lyrical evocation of the lifestyle they have created for themselves here, and of Robert Grayburn, the craggy farmer who has made it possible.

Central to the film will be the creation of the sculpture walk and the ceremonies accompanying the completion of the various artefacts, and the summer gatherings of music and dance that they host here.

All music will be produced at Yoke Farm, composed by Yoke Farm residents on familiar and unfamiliar instruments.

Explanatory matter (if needed) will be by another resident, fire eater and circus performer, and may be in rhymed couplets.

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