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February 2001

Louise Panton

Umbrella Productions

Dear Louise

It was really nice talking to you the other day and here is the list of current dramatic work I mentioned. I hope you enjoyed ‘Mouth to Mouth’.

I gave, I think, quite an effective interview to the Creators Rights Alliance. In an industry dependant on the goodwill of its public, how can it be that the people who control television so cynically and consistently ignore our public’s enthusiastic endorsement of my work, both ‘Edna’ and ‘Cathy’, in all the recent polls?

Why do they shrink away from giving our public what they, so many of them, friends and strangers alike, tell me they’d so like to see?

A poll of licence payers, just like all the other recent polls, and all the audience research, would confirm the popularity of my product and, dare I say it, me!

Surely, any other industry would have bent over backwards to give them more. Why not this one? Any idea? Do I do something wrong?

The date of the Creators Rights Alliance do at the BFI when the film, doubtless much truncated, will be shown is 1.30 to 5.30, Wednesday 14th March.

Lots of best wishes


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