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March 1999

As a general position I think I am more interested in doing ‘major works’ (in my case my memoires and a feature film starring David Essex).

I am more interested in projects where I play a larger part in the process than just being the writer (e.g. The Gypsy Songs Video in which I am researcher / deviser / director / editor).

I am more interested in TV projects which can achieve poetically / aesthetically / dramatically rather than intellectually (i.e. appealing to the emotions rather than to the intellect?). I feel that intellectual arguments are often better presented in hard hitting newspaper series, or books for example.

I’ve done a lot of journalism but it is only of a day or a week (though very useful at that) and doesn’t last.

The ones that I, and perhaps even posterity, will remember are those that aspire to a more universal agenda, to be art rather than journalism.

I also am attracted to forms in which the relationship between producer and consumer is less constrained by technology than in film, radio, or even writing books. Areas of immediate contact are music, dance, performance, circus, etc.

Also, I would like to do something in verse.

Am interested in epic, archetype, achieving more, rather than less, of that in my output.

On the other hand, it is important not to say ‘no’ to ‘yes’.

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