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Hatfield Court


Nr Leominster



Phone: 01568 760333

February 1999

Mrs Garwood

Southern Marches Partnership

17 St Owens Street



Dear Mrs Garwood

Hatfield Childhood Memories

I do apologise for being so long in replying to your letter of 11th November. I have been very busily involved in another project.

Here is the clarification to your various questions.

  1. Yes, the revised cost is £7,134, not £6,734. Please see enclosed letter and revised costings from Grenville Sherringham. The upward cost is from a reassessment of time needed.

  1. It is currently proposed that there should be five or six people involved in making the programme, besides the interviewees, possibly more. They are all part time and all local. At the moment they are:

Virginia Kennedy – interviews, etc.

Catherine Mansell-Lewis – interviews, etc.

Mia – transcriptions

Les Penning – musical recordings and mixing

Jeremy Sandford – interviews, narration, editing, co-ordination, production and marketing

Hugh Colvin, Landscape Radio and Recording, editing, manufacture, marketing.

Apart from the time that they give voluntarily, they are to be paid at £3.00 per hour. This will produce 900 hours work, or the equivalent of 22 x 40 hour weeks.

Apart from the voluntary work the first four above are likely to be putting in 2½ weeks average each. I shall be putting in an estimated twelve weeks.

Hugh Colvin’s salary is included in our estimate for equipment/studio.

  1. Please see answer to 2 above.

  1. Preliminary approaches have now been made to both organisations and invitations placed in their newsletters. Voluntary hours spent on the project by WI and Young Farmer members will be recorded. We are also hoping to make available a DAT Sony Walkman digital recorder to a selected representative from each organisation.

  1. The ‘Trainers fees’ are on an hourly basis and are for time spent in training members of our team in skills they do not yet possess but need for this project. This may well include the members of WI and Young Farmers mentioned above as well as our own team.

In the detailed accounts which we are already initiating, we will record who is trained and for how many hours. Our preliminary estimates suggest approximately 4 weeks spent in training.

  1. At X number of miles @ 20p per mile.

7. At approx £1.50 unit cost for tape, case and sleeve:

500 units = £750, plus £25 for travel to and from, copying, studios, postage, meals en route, etc.

  1. It is proposed that this should be at an ‘affordable’ price of £3 wholesale, £3.99 retail.

In a creative project like this with so many variables (we don’t know at all exactly what we are going to find) costs may well have to be re-estimated up or down, but we are committed to keeping the overall cost within budget.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything more I can add by way of clarification.

With best wishes

Jeremy Sandford


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