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Dear Editor

The enclosed news story is written in a humorous manner, but we actually are all feeling completely fed up with the activities of ‘El Blobbo’ and feel that a bit of publicity may encourage him to move on.

I’m hoping you may be able to do a story based on what follows.

With best wishes

Jeremy Sandford

Hatfield Residents Experience ‘El Blobbo’ Effect

Residents at a Herefordshire mansion have been experiencing visits from a mystery stalker who they have named ‘El Blobbo’.

‘El Blobbo’, they say, appears at unexpected moments with his face hidden from view by a scarf or large duffel coat.

By night he is thought to often sleep rough in the woods near Hatfield Court, the historic home of Jeremy Sandford, the Herefordshire writer who first achieved international acclaim with his heart-hitting documentary drama ‘Cathy Come Home’.

‘El Blobbo’, whose nicknames also include ‘El Bimbo’ and ‘The Blob’, is also thought to conceal himself in an abandoned caravan which the author origninally made available for two local students to do their homework in.

‘El Blobbo’ appears unexpectedly at local residents windows, and has started fires, none of them serious.

He is thought to sometimes do piecework at a local scrapyard and has been known to drag back vehicles and caravans from there, behind a small Fiat, and break them up with a sledgehammer in the Hatfield complex.

Author Jeremy Sandford was surprised, a month or so ago, to find that the countrified drive to his mansion had been completely blocked by ‘El Blobbo’ who had placed a battered caravan, two large vans, a derelict car, a load of scrap iron, tree stumps, and ten abandoned bicycles, across the drive so that visitors to the mansion have to make an extensive detour.

Jeremy Sandford comments, ‘I have asked him to remove his belongings but unfortunately he became very threatening. The man is clearly unbalanced and in need of help. People round here are unwilling to get the police involved because we all feel this is a cry for help.

‘However, what he is doing is harassment under the Protection from Harassment, and we fear we will have to call on police or local vigilantes, in the end.’

Although he is a lost soul, feelings are running high about the threatening behaviour of ‘El Blobbo’.

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