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Hatfield Court


Nr Leominster



Phone: 01568 760333

June 1999

Chris White

Wind and Brass

Berrows House

Bath Street


Dear Chris White

I’m sorry to be having to write this letter as I took a liking to you personally.

However, almost fifteen months have now passed since I left my “A” clarinet with you, at approx noon on 16th March 1998. It was agreed that you would have any necessary repairs done in time for the summer season.

Since then I have made some twenty phone calls asking for information and written some ten letters and have received either no response or the telephone response, “It will be ready within the week. I’ll ring you.”

I have now contacted the Trading Standards Officer, a solicitor, and the C.A.B. All have agreed that it would be stupid for me to continue to acquiesce in this situation.

In consultation with them I therefore now advise you that if I have not received the clarinet back by 15th July, I will hire a replacement and seek reimbursement from you through the civil courts. I shall also be requesting reimbursement for the money I have had to spend on hiring substitutes over the last year.


Jeremy Sandford

c.c. Trading Standards Officer

Herefordshire Council

Capriole Music

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