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Nr Leominster



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October 1995

Nicole Catgenova

Syracuse University Press

1600 Jamesville Avenue


New York 13244 5160, USA

Dear Ms Catgenova

This letter is basically a copy of the one I sent you on September 27. Thanks so much for yours of September 14, and all the generous things you say.

In the course of a long writing career I have written many synopses speculatively, but I have never before embarked on a book without a publisher’s contract and an advance, usually quite a large advance, based on the publisher’s initial print-run. So I look forward to receiving the ‘advance contract’ you mention and will be grateful if you can fax it as a matter of urgency.

I think, in fact, I made a similar request some six weeks ago, and again in my letter four weeks ago. As I understand it from Mathias, you did mention some eight weeks ago that a contract would be in the post in a matter of days.

Taking advantage of a generous loan from Mathias, I have now spent an action packed week in Ireland meeting a large number of Travellers and I am sure you can imagine how much I am raring to go.

In my last letter, I asked you some specific questions about the editing of the Johnny Connors ‘Seven Weeks of Childhood’, and it would be good to have your feelings about these questions.

I wonder whether the split should be 40% Mathias / 45% Connors + Sandford (to include the extensive editing of the Mongan piece) and 15% Mongan?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes

Jeremy Sandford

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