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Down a drive and across well mowed lawns Melissa is arriving at an imposing mansion in the country. At the porch she rings the bell and is greeted warmly by a woman who we realise is her mother. Her mother pours her a drink, gets fresh clothes for her, sends her filthy clothes to be washed in the utility room. Her father, just a golden handshake away from one of the privatised utilities, comes in. Both are privately horrified at Melissa’s condition and become overtly horrified as she describes how she has lost her children and feels she can’t contact the police or the father of the children. What Melissa wants is her Dad to go with her in his car to immediately search for the children. She knows that she is in danger of having the children taken away from her if her ex-husband or the police become involved with finding the children. She is fighting the age old battles with her parents but this time she is pleading with them to help her.

Melissa is in the midst of a terrible row with her parents. They have secretly rung her ex-partner Marcus and he’s arrived (leaving his current girl, affluent, with her own house, job, motor) outside on the drive.

Melissa feels utterly betrayed by her parents and she is trying to stand up against her ex-husband Marcus. He angrily demands to know where the children might be and states that he will ring the police straight away. Her parents back him up. Marcus approaches Melissa; ‘These are my children too - do I have to shake some sense into you?’ Melissa picks up a large ornate silver candlestick to defend herself, strikes him with it, retreats, she’s going to throw it. Changing her mind, she storms out of the house, slamming the front door after her.

Marcus may come after her and she may hide in the rhododendrons, quietly sobbing. She knows that he will try to get custody of the children. She will have to find her children before Marcus and the forces of law and order. Later that night she may creep back into the house and take money from her mother’s purse.

sees the re-appearance of Marcus. Once again he angrily demands to know where the children are. He says he’s now been to the police. He has a note (which though he doesn’t say it, was provided by the police missing persons bureau) saying the children were nearly intercepted. When interrogated all their former carers would reveal is they’re bound for Sue and Terry in Newport. ‘Who are they, do you know? Or do I have to shake it out of you?’

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