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Useful Addresses

Gypsy Council for Education, Culture, Welfare and Civil Rights:

Chairman: C. Smith, 8 Hall Road, Aveley, Essex, RM15 4HD, 01708 868986

President: P. Mercer, Oxney Road Travellers Site, Peterborough

Romany Guild: Secretary: Tom Lee, 62 Temple Mills Lane, London E15, 0181 555 7214

Romany Rights Association: President: E. Frankham, Roman Bank, Halpole St Andrew, Cambs., Wisbech 780326

Romani Institute: D. Kendrick, 61 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 2EG, 0171 727 2916

National Association of Gypsy Women: S. Dunn, Meadowview, Goldsmith Drive, Lower Holbridge Road, Rayleigh, Essex, 01268 782792

Advisory Council for the Education of Romanies and Other Travellers: Moot House, The Stow, Harlow, Essex, CM20 3AG, 01279 418666

Labour Campaign for Travellers’ Rights: P. Winter, 84 Bankside, Leeds, LS8 5AP, 01532 486746

National Association of Teachers of Travellers: c/o Kettlebridge Nursery First School, Ouseburn Croft, Sheffield, S9 3FY

Roma Publications for Roma (Journal of the Indian Institute of Romani Studies): 3290/15D, Chandigarh 1600 15, India

World Romani Congress:

Secretary: Dr Emil S’c uka, Pod Strasnickou vinici 6, 100 00 Praga, Czechoslovakia, 02-774388

U.N. delegate: I.F. Hancock, International Romani Union, Manchaca, Texas 78652, USA

Gypsy Lore Society: 5607 Greenleaf Road, Cheverly, MD 20785, USA

Etudes Tsiganes: 2 Rue Hautpol, 75 Paris 19e, France, 00 331 607 9912

Lacio Drom Journal: Via de Barbieri 22, 00186 Roma, Italy

Interface (Free journal about initiatives in Gypsy Education): Centre de Recherches Tsiganes, Université Ren Descartes, 45 rue des Saints-Pres, Paris Cedex 06, France, fax: 00 331 4286 2065

Romany and Traveller Family History Society: Membership Secretary: 27 Conyers Close, Hersham, Surrey, KT12 4NG

Cottage Books: Gelsmoor, Coleorton, Leics, LE6 4JF (for books about Gypsies and Travellers)

Romanestan Publications: Dr Thomas Acton, 22 Northend, Harley, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5LA (for books about Gypsies and Travellers)

Romanestan Publications kers the lils for sor the Travelling foki. It kins and bikins sor lils about Gypsies. The Travelling foki’s bokale for ledee’s kokero lils adre the puri jib and adre the poggerdi jib and in Gammon. Adre our chairus we can ker more kushti by chinning lils than by koring gavvers. We want to del the Travelling foki the lils that will ker them ruzlo adre our tem. Kanna sig!


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