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19th January 1999

Dear Jeremy

Enclosed here Parts IV and V for you to check through. I have used the Johnny Connors piece as I already had it, but you will notice that it is slightly different from what is printed in the book. Some of it is in a different order. I will wait until you have checked it all before I send it to the publisher.

I have been in contact with Bill Forster through e.mail (as I now have a new computer with the Internet on). He says he is waiting for some illustrations and wondered whether I was going to type the captions for those. Have you spoken to him lately?

I think the best thing is that you phone me when you have checked all that I have sent you and we will talk about exactly what to send him. He needs to be very clear about what order everything goes in. I have also enclosed the glossary, some useful addresses and the story brought up to date which go at the end. What about the bibliography that is in the book. Do you want that as well?

As far as the money goes, we are still within budget at the moment, although this may be different when I have done all the copying onto disk and sending off, correcting, etc. Still, £150 was a pretty good estimate. I have kept all the work on ‘Gypsies’ separate from the other work you have sent me.

As far as the other stuff goes, you now owe about £60. This includes all the letters and things and the books of poems for Philippa, but obviously not the ‘Gypsies’ book.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lots of love

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