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Provisional List of Major Locations

Conventional Housing

Council Flat.

Private Flat.

'Mother in Law's' Flat.

Small Bed and Breakfast.

The Granchester. Hotel rented off season by a charity to give homeless people a cut price seaside holiday.

Local Authority Emergency Accommodation for the Homeless

Ex-Army Diphtheria Immunisation Huts. Second World War huts built out from a hillside; and some caravans. The one I have in mind is in fact in Cornwall.

Seaside Boarding House. Typical five or six bedroomed boarding house in a seaside town.

The Leisure Fayre Hostelrie. Custom built modern hotel used by the council as emergency accommodation for homeless families. The one I have visited is in Aylesbury. The horror of overcrowded rooms behind a cosmetic facade. There are three others run by the same company in other towns.

Heartbreak Hotel. Alias Punishment Hotel. Typical six or seven storey stuccoed Victorian hotel, probably in Bayswater or Kensington.

Emergency Non-Local Authority Accommodation

discovered for herself by our protagonist

The Urban Hospital Squat. Large big city former hospital which has been squatted by some eighty people. In South Central London.

The Army Camp Squat. Typical modern bungalows set amidst landscaped grounds. The one this is modelled on is U.S. Army hospital doctors' bungalows in the Malvern Hills.

In and Around the Hippy Truck. In various locations; woodlands, roadside, etc.

Open Air Big City Squat. Somewhere like London's South Bank or Bristol Dockland.

Condemned Prefab Chalet in the Woods. Ex 2nd World War prefabs in a country setting. The ones I have in mind are actually in S.W. Wales.

Tipi Valley (?). Near Llandeilo.

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