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Dear Ken


Did you get a letter recently from me asking whether you were happy with the BBC's proposal that money for the screenplay should be split 1/3 to you and 2/3 to me?

There's no way I would ever expect to fall out with you over this and maybe there's some extremely logical reason that escapes me, but basically I feel -

- If Ken is getting his Director's fee, surely it isn't fair for him to get a slice of the screenplay fee as well?

(Or is the point that as Director you got a once only payment, so this is a way of getting you back in the action? If this is so, I'd feel differently, I think.)

A minor subplot is that the amount being offered is the absolute minimum under the Writer's Guild/BBC agreement so that, at the very least, our agents should, it seems to me, work together in negotiations since minimum rate is quite absurd for what is arguably the most successful and prestigious TV screenplay ever.

How are you, anyway? I'm sure things are going well for you, still.

Lots of best wishes

Jeremy Sandford

P.S. Herewith a letter I'm sending to Contracts Dept.

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